Torneo Cavalleresco
Castel Clementino

August 2019


Servigliano goes back in time with a nine days long journey in the magic of the Middle Ages: maidens and knights, tambourine players and flagthrowers, joustings and baquets


10 August

Historical reenactment: transfer of the plain of San Gualtiero

Back to A.D. 1450. The abbot of Farfa from the village of Santa Vittoria in Matenano transfers to the community of Servigliano the Plain of San Gualtiero, the same territory, where the today’s town stands. The transfer is documented in a parchment currently stored in the municipal archives as foundation certificate of the town. In order to celebrate the event, the local people announced folk games, which are today re-enacted through the Torneo Cavalleresco event of Castel Clementino, ancient name of the village of Servigliano. This is the most intimate and solemn act of the whole historical re-enactment, thanks to the blend of both historical events and pictures of everyday life. Following the medieval show “The Old Ways”. With harps, violins and persuasive voices, the company gives life to an unmissable exhibition that evokes a glorious distant era.

11 August

Ensigns and Musicians Contest

Drumming and flag-waving skills in a unique and colorful evening. Tambourine players and flag throwers from the four rioni, porta marina, paese vecchio, porta santo spirito and porta navarra, will gather in piazza roma square to face each other in an extremely historically faithful but, at the same time, contemporary contest. After months of training new moves and dancing strategies each group shows off in few minutes all its potential to convince a jury made up of experts: the unbelievably hot ‘cauldron’ of the town is boiling up, with the passion of its crowd, looking forward to putting the skills of each group to the test. Only the best will gain the honor to get the coveted golden medal and to watch their name written in the hall of fame.

12 August

Fair of ancient crafts and arts

Take a stroll down the borgo, where old crafts and arts from the middle age today relive. Arranged by the local tourist board, touring demonstrations of these historically relevant crafting skills will lead our guests to the discovery of each corner of the village centre. Merchants and artisans, even come from afar, will reenact the once most spread trades, games and ways of clothing. Among the many represented craftmanships: mosaicism, tannery, hauberk knitting and tailoring. Subsequently, charming fragrances coming from
the distillation of lavender oil and soap making will sweeten up the atmosphere of the piazza, where in the evening music will spread all over around. Moreover, near the noble skills of the old times, sports like archery and children activities will take place. Every artist will offer the most entertaining show with dances, sword fightings and bagpipes music giving a unique look at this ancient time.

13 August

Ensigns and musician performance

To take care of the present, in order to ensure a successful future to tradition: this is the
secret of the life-long experience of the Torneo Cavalleresco in Servigliano. Pupils from the ensigns and musicians school of Castel Clementino will give life to a unique show, in order to prove how the love for the Quintana game can burst even in the youngest hearts. A passion spread from a generation to the other, a repeated history that renews itself every year, a tradition not synonymous with folklore, but with identity instead. The new faces of
the Torneo remind us why we’re here: they bring in their selves our roots and are willing to give shape to our future. A future made of wonderful stories, knights and maidens, guiding lights and flags skimming the square cobblestones now as then. A thrilling and spectacular show by the Lupo Innocente Theatre in Fermo to close the evening.

14 August

Historic games among Rioni

Historic games represent some of the most ancient folk traditions of our country. Sport elements and competitive principles are kept in it, now rethought in a modern way. All participants in tights and shirt will get involved in tasks, which demand both commitment and physical presence, but first of all great identification with history: the wonderful Piazza Roma will host the members of the four Rioni battling each other with the promise of a rich booty in a unique choreography contest. The spirited town quarters of Porta Santo Spirito, Porta Navarra, Porta Marina and Paese Vecchio are ready for any challenge.

15 August

Rioni Banquets

Raise your glasses to the sky. The streets of the town are now filled with banquets and passionate diners ready to heat up the stadium in the sunday tournament of the “ring challenge”. The distinctive layout of Piazza Roma square with its three gateways plus the town hall and the old borough of Paese Vecchio and already suggested the village partition in five different districts, known as rioni. Since more than half a century, on the Thursday before the tournament day every street of the village is adorned for the celebration, showing the town population its best trophies, flags, prizes, medals and sumptuous decorations. Maidens, consuls and the “carousel” knights will be the key guests of the banquet, in an evening made of celebration, tradition and folklore.

16 August

G.A.M.S. show

The G.A.M.S. (flag bearers and drumming group) of Servigliano stages a new show freely inspired by the most famous literary work of all time: The Divine Comedy. The public are accompanied on a thrilling journey between Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. Following in the footsteps of the poet Dante Alighieri, the company gives life to a real theatrical piece in nine acts, performed by skillful flag bearers including epic light shows and medieval drumming. In a continuous succession of immersive scenes and special effects, the spectator follows the inner disturbances of the poet until his journeys end where he sees the stars again.

17 August

Historical reenactment parade

The pride of the Torneo Cavalleresco takes down to the streets at the key moment of the
re-enactment. Through the streets of the historic village, between the playing clarinets and drum rolls, over 300 participants will give life to a sumptuous pre-Renaissance parade. Maidens, knights and pages, together with armourers, flag-throwers and tambourine players will walk through the old town centre and stop at the intersection between the cardo and the decumanus, i.e. where the churchyard of the Collegiate Church of San Marco
stands, offering a splendid insight into medieval life to the lucky audience taking part in the event. The haute-couture, finely embroidered clothes are faithful reproductions of the ones depicted in the paintings of some masters of the time, s.a. Ghirlandaio, Crivelli, Pisanello, and many others.

18 August

Ring challenge

Here we are on the most awaited day of the year. That one moment, when each team is more compact than ever and the whole town population is in rapture. At 15.30 the Collegiate Church of San Marco will host for one more time the sumptuous clothes of the reenactors before moving to the games stadium. The ring challenge is regarded as the prime moment of the entire event: five knights – amongst the best in Italy – will challenge each other representing each Rione in order to win a finely painted banner and a place of honour in the Hall of Fame of the competition. The participants, riding their best steeds, challenge each other on a spiral-shaped path with only one lance in their hand. Waiting with bated breath till the last lap, a ten-days long feast comes to an end.


Ente Torneo Cavalleresco, Piazza Roma n.1 (c/o Municipio Servigliano)
63839 Servigliano (FM)